TRMG  is a “Detect to Protect” company that combines all major practices in Physical Security and use of Protective Intelligence.  We analyze threat and vulnerability, response services as well as training and commissioning to provide true situational awareness.

TRMG provides a wide range of Personal Protection devices that Track & Locate individuals or groups.  We also provide world class Body Guards to protect and defend against K&R as well as sight protection for valuable assets.

No two buildings or facilities and there usages are the same as a conclusion TRMG provides a “Building Block” approach to protect from the beyond the perimeter inward.  Utilizing IP infrastructure which incorporates outer perimeter sensors, camera systems with advanced analytics to Access Control, Biometrics and Intrusion Detection to keep the facility secure from individuals or groups; however the treat and protection do not end in the detection of people and TRMG provides a deployment of sensor arrays which detect C.B.R.N.E. (Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear/Explosive) so the threat of unmanned attack is minimized. 

TRMG has heard the term “Immune Building” thrown around by many companies but TRMG understands that this is the Holly Grail therefore TRMG has designed the “Immunized Building” which is a truly attainable goal.  TRMG has the technology to first detect and then destroy many Biological and Chemical agents that put people at risk.

TRMG also has industry setting experience in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and mitigate Asset Vulnerability as well as Supply Chain enabling clients to track assets, whatever they may be and decrease losses through the use of technology, as we have proven over the years.

TRMG has the expertise to provide the “End to End” solution needed in today’s world climate to provide truly integrated solutions.  Integration, to TRMG, is not many computers in one room but one computer in many rooms providing immediate situational awareness to Government and Private Sector entities enabling real time detection schemes allowing for the true protection turning Hometown Security to become Homeland Security.  

TRMG has strong capabilities in:

·       Access Control: 

From Stand Alone to fully Integrated IP Systems maintaining the integrity of the perimeter of any facility and/or property is the starting point for maintainability/  

·       AML (Anti-Money Laundering), worldwide intelligence networks:

·       Business Development:

TRMG has an innate sense of Business and will work with individuals and companies providing Product Analysis, R&D (Research and Development), Sales & Marketing and other core competencies that will aid in the growth expectations of partners and companies. 

·        Capital Formation; M&A, Divestitures:

TRMG is engaged in finding and integrating companies and products that will provide our end users with a more robust solution.

·       CBRNE (Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear/Explosive) Detection

·       Closed Circuit Television (CCTV):

CCTV (Closed Circuit television) is the backbone to Identify in addition to Verifying intrusion.  TRMG designs, engineers and installs systems from the four (4) camera closed system to the thousands needed to provide an Enterprise Class system for Commercial and Citywide Surveillance needs.

·       Communications (all forms):

·       Cyber Security (Software & Hardware):

·       Contraband and Narcotics interdiction inclusive of Asset, Seizure, Forfeiture:

·       Personal Protection:

·       Threat Detection & Physical Security:

TRMG provides “End to End” solutions based on expert analysis of Threats and converts the analysis into solutions that utilize both Physical and Electronic means to mitigate occurrences that will impede continuity through the use of ConOps (Concept of Operations).   

·       Project Management:

·       RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

·       Service Level Contracts

·       Training, Certification & CoOps (Concept of Operations)

·       Video Analytics